JP Reis take the risk out of trading floor technology transformations.  Our specialist field is regulated communications systems including Trader Voice, UC, IP Telephony, Subscription Voice and the compliance systems, infrastructure and middleware that integrates them. You can access our consultancy and program management services from regional bases in New York, London, Hong Kong, Ireland and Australia. We have provided consultancy, engineering and program management and governance for some of the world’s most complex transformation projects. Our consultants are qualified to meet your latest challenges as rapid evolution affects technology, the regulatory environment and working practices. They are are supported by a central JP Reis.

COVID-19 transformed our industry in 2020. Traders were forced to work remotely, many in their homes. JP Reis stayed engaged on global projects. We also set up forums with senior technology managers from investment banks. We helped to establish best practice and map emerging strategies for a working environment that has probably changed forever.

JP Reis has an unparalleled record in controlling risk during the most demanding technology transformations. The pandemic has brought a new dimension of complexity to our work but we continue to provide services to the users of technology and also to vendors – although JP Reis is fiercely independent. This gives both the consumer and providers of technology greater insight that helps them determine strategy and empowers them to make informed decisions. Whatever your requirements, we offer proven competence at all stages of the project lifecycle. Please call us for expert consultancy, short-term assistance or full program management.

Set New Standards

JP Reis challenge our staff, clients and collaborators to Set New Standards. We chose these three powerful words toguide, challenge and communicate.Nobody can afford to stand still. That’s why we push ourselves to do things better. Our consultants will challenge you to make the best choices that provide a genuine return on investment.
When we manage your change program we ensure that every stakeholder is catered for in terms of progress reports and optimum end states. We eliminate risk at every step and make the tough decisions which make your life easy. In fact, at the end of an engagement, we hope to leave our clients thinking the same way; especially about their technology.

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Our People

Greg Collins JP Reis CEO

Greg collins
Chief Executive Officer

Samantha Sperber Global Commercial Manager and Director of Business Development JP Reis

Samantha Sperber
Global Commercial Manager

Matt Wake JP Reis Principal Consultant London

Matt Wake
Principal Consultant EMEA

Nigel Preston
Global Finance Director

Katherine Clark
Finance Officer, London

Martin Naylor
Chief Marketing Officer

mark van kerkwyk

Mark Van Kerkwyk
Principal Consultant Australia


Elva Lumsden
Office Manager Dublin

Steve Tynan

Steve Tynan
Senior Consultant EMEA

Doug Lockhart JP Reis Principal Consultant New York

Doug Lockhart
Senior Consultant Americas


JP Reis has provided consultancy and program management for many years.

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