Transforming network performance for a global Private Equity Institution

This institution with headquarters in New York had its wide area network (WAN) provided by an outsourced virtual private network (VPN). It was suffering significant performance reliability issues which included total network failure during the NYC power outages.
JP Reis carried out a carrier capabilities assessment before carrying out a two-stage network upgrade.
Step one was a transition to Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) which allows packets of data with different protocols and delivery requirements to be transferred smoothly with automated decisions based on data labels rather than having systems open up the packets themselves. This was still backed up with a VPN system.
This transitional stage was then re-engineered to full, dual-carrier MPLS and a streamlined support model was also developed.

The private equity company now enjoys much-improved service performance and a considerable cost reduction which meant that this investment had paid for itself within 3 months of delivery.
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