A Major Trader Relocation

JP Reis assisted the commissioning of over 3500 trading turrets at a client location in a 16-week window. This was an incredible number for such a short timeframe and meant over 2,500 traders could start work in their new office on the Monday morning with no downtime.
Our client, a major international bank, had selected JP Reis to assist with the management of its trader relocation as four trading floors were consolidated into a single European headquarters building. A new disaster recovery facility was also implemented concurrently. Our consultants helped to manage the commissioning of the new trading turrets at three locations.  In total we helped to deliver the migration of 2,500 individuals, requiring 5,500 lines and well over 370,000 button appearances. The most challenging aspect of the work was the timeframe.

This impressive performance was achieved by adhering strictly to the clearly defined processes of JP Reis and the wider client program. The benefit of such an efficient move is wasted if the users aren’t fully prepared so JP Reis consultants took the time to engage the users, manage training, assess profile preferences and perform user acceptance testing (UAT) before the full migration and “go live”. This was particularly important for experienced staff facing their first move for 10 years and the totally new technology that came with it. JP Reis also assisted successfully with an associated, although slightly smaller, BCP project in the US.

Our client now enjoys unparalleled system resilience in their new purpose-built environment. The single location and upgraded technology will facilitate greater cohesion between internal groups and lead to more efficient trading.

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