Ediscovery for a Global Bank

A Tier 1 bank had a large amount of legacy voice data at a secure UK location. Data for the 16 custodians being investigated was not accurately tagged so the process of interrogating it was largely manual.
Although the task was very hands-on, disciplined governance, reporting and working knowledge of the latest tools were still required. Teams of 6 have worked 2 or 3 shifts a day replaying recordings and filtering them for relevance. This gruelling project has been a success despite time constraints and issues with media corruption. JP Reis’s Unified Compliance service tackles critical short requirements like this whilst ensuring that new data is accurately referenced and normalised at the point of capture.

Tape to Digital Media Conversion

Unified Compliance consultants can help clients to deal with legacy tape media more effectively by migrating the data to NAS. Using the functionality of the automation suite, recordings captured on tape can be quickly archived to NAS making future retrieval requests considerably more efficient and safeguarding against degradation of media often associated with AIT and DAT tapes. By transferring recordings to NAS, the costs of future retrievals are driven down considerably as a fully automated process is facilitated.