Helping a Global Technology Company Penetrate a New Sector

A JP Reis team prepare a strategy document, sales-playbook and marketing collateral for a large tech firm.

Our client was a specialist subsidiary of a global technology giant. They had an IP-based command and control telephony system that they wanted to introduce to the trading floor sector. Our industry experts had already evaluated the product superficially as part of a tender process and, although the system was not perfect, it certainly merited a place among the top tier of competitors. The client asked us to give them an overview of the competitive environment and to produce a Sales Playbook that would help its salespeople to play to the system’s strengths in commercial situations.

The JP Reis consultancy team included 2 MBAs, a marketing specialist, a product development expert and a panel of respected project and program managers. Our consultants worked with sales, marketing and technology directors from the client company.

Many product features in this sector are “must-haves” so a vendor needs to mention them to qualify for consideration. After an interesting series of virtual and physical discussions, we established that all the qualifying criteria were in place and homed in on 4 or 5 genuine differentiators for the client. These revolved around ease of installation, integration with corporate directories, resilience, genuine IP credentials and interface quality. A thirty-page sales playbook was prepared that provided our client with the most powerful possible sales messaging, much of which could not be matched by the leading competitors. Our team also rated each aspect on a head to head against each competitor product and provided coherent responses for all the familiar objections and boasts that they knew the competition would present.

Having produced a successful document, the JP Reis team was asked to prepare the company’s marketing collateral for the capital markets vertical. Our product developer and marketing expert dug even deeper into the product’s technical specifications in order to produce 7 value proposition documents. These documents communicated technical concepts in easy digestible copy in line with our client’s style and drawing on their vocabulary and wider marketing. Our client took these, applied their established brand formatting and made them immediately available to support the sales funnel.

This case study demonstrates the breadth and depth of specialist expertise that JP Reis can bring to marketing consultancy. Our team’s real world experience allowed them to challenge the client at every step rather than accepting the first information we were given. This rigorous process provides the greatest possibility of success.