Migration Management for a Trading Floor Upgrade

Canary Wharf Digital Data

JP Reis used their software enabled TIMM™ service to manage the trader voice technology upgrade on one of London’s largest trading floors. The main TIMM Hub™ was hosted on a dedicated external server. 
Our team worked in consultation with business units to establish thresholds of line numbers and call volumes. Below certain levels, only less complex devices were to be permitted, with the simplest being PBX phones.

Using the TIMM Viewer™ Tablet Application

Turret configuration and line usage data were loaded into the tool without disrupting trading. Equipped with the relevant data, JP Reis consultants used the TIMM Viewer™ tablet application to conduct over 1,200 pre-migration interviews. Traders were able to compare their existing button layouts with those proposed for the new system in advance of it being programmed. They were also able to see their line usage information using a “red, amber, green” system to highlight unused and underused lines. 26 satellite workers around Europe underwent the same process by using a UC conferencing solution. This program delivered considerable benefits for both the traders and the bank:

  • Quick 15 minute, interactive interviews with clear visualization leading to consensual outcomes.
  • A very low number of Day 1 layout changes.
  • A greater than 40% reduction in turret requirements.
  • Approximately 30% reduction in transferred lines that simplified the migration and streamlined operations during the transition stage.

Project Conclusion

The aggregated data was prepared for upload to the new administration database by applying our proprietary rules engine that is now known as TIMM Translate™. Small data issues that can take months to resolve were swiftly identified and rectified meaning all translations were performed accurately and configuration guidelines respected. The project owners valued the general user experience, the time and cost savings and the precision of the migration.