JP Reis at Digital Construction Week

JP Reis supported Digital Construction Week by attending a reception at the Irish Embassy in London at the end of October. Greg Collins is a member of the Building Information Modelling Steering Committee.

Building Information Modelling [BIM]

BIM is transforming the construction industry; over the next decade this technology will combine with the internet of things, advanced data analytics and the digital economy to enable us to plan new infrastructure more effectively, build it at lower cost and operate and maintain it more efficiently. Above all, it will enable businesses and the population at large to make better use of the infrastructure we already have. BIM generates 3D models of infrastructure and manages big data relating to its design, operation and condition. It enables designers, owners and users to collaborate in the planning stages of a building project to optimise designs and test them virtually before they are built. It enables engineers, contractors and suppliers to integrate complex components, cutting out waste and reducing the risk of errors. In operation it provides customers with real-time information about available maintenance and related services with accurate assessments of the condition of assets.

The UK has been a leader in the promotion of BIM and the concept is now experiencing rapid adoption across Europe as it moves into its 4th iteration; BIM4.

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