Trader Voice Evaluation for a Tier 1 Investment Bank

new york financial district

TIMM™, the software-enabled telecom migration service from JP Reis, has been well-received when deployed with Tier 1 banks. It combines a refined toolset with our industry-leading program management. 

Deploying TIMM™ to Drive Telecom Savings

This global bank had launched a transformation program for its trader voice estate and wanted to perform some evidence-based rationalization. JP Reis were engaged to accelerate the process using TIMM™. Our principal consultant uploaded all the profile layout and usage data for around 200 traders across a handful of US locations into the TIMM Hub™. Our team helped the client to set threshold criteria for device allocations based on precise channel usage data. As is typical with a project of this nature, there were significant savings to be made by making 12,000 changes removing unused lines, unnecessary buttons, and providing appropriate equipment for each user profile following an upgrade.

Effective Interviews with the TIMM Viewer™ App

Having performed and presented the initial analysis, JP Reis deployed the TIMM Viewer™ app to facilitate interviews with the traders. The users’ existing layouts were presented on a Microsoft Surface tablet. Unused lines and buttons were shown in red and the consultants were able to remove them using drag and drop. The new layouts were uploaded back into the system and activated on the users’ devices.

The program was paused at this stage as the client had already made savings and wanted to assess emerging Cloud-based solutions for lighter use cases. JP Reis delivered two valuable stages of work in only one month to deliver a tangible positive impact for this valued client with whom we continue to collaborate.

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