Better Workplaces by Design

JP Reis has expanded its offering to provide technology transformation integrated with workspace design and fit-out. 

Integrated Trading Floor Design

By combining technology and design work-flows from the outset, our technologists, interior architects and designers are able to follow a streamlined process that delivers workplaces which are both productive and visually stunning while minimizing disruption and costs. Project Manager Steve Tynan talks about his involvement:

A consultancy has to keep its scope narrow to be able to offer genuine, specialist expertise. Make the scope too narrow though and your clients have to engage more specialists to cover different disciplines. That can lead to personality clashes, incompatible project paths and responsibilities that fall between the gaps. Of course, if project management expertise is also a core competence, as it is for JP Reis, then you have the ability to manage different workstreams, allocate responsibilities and drive projects to a successful conclusion. Stories are often told around JP Reis about the times we were asked to step up and rescue failing projects, sometimes managing consultants from far bigger firms.

As a veteran in this industry, I’ve seen what it looks like when parallel projects conflict with each other. The old chestnut would be when a technology guy would walk into a beautiful new office and ask for a wall to be knocked through so he could build his comms room. I’m at the slightly less rocket science end of IT project management but I’m a specialist in my own right and managing technology upgrades, combined with moves, building work and interior design is perfect for me. It’s healthy for everyone to work on something with a tangible end result and I enjoy collaborating with some seriously talented people. Greg (Collins, JP Reis CEO) has managed to assemble a group that works very well together and our clients can see the value in our offering straight away, they’re really keen to work with us.

My role is all about communication, organisation and discipline. I’m the sole point of contact with the client and hold ultimate responsibility for all workstreams on the critical path. I work with the technologists, architects and designers to make sure everybody’s up to speed and in sync. If there’s a relocation involved, I manage the logistics too.

JP Reis is a consultancy that has always seen technology as part of a bigger picture and I think this service is a logical extension of that. The company has been involved with successful architecture projects in the past. Now it can look forward to a steady stream in the future as the banking landscape looks set to change in Europe and companies will have to re-evaluate their built environments.

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