Trader Voice Migration for a Tier 1 Bank

new york financial district

A global investment bank was upgrading 375 US users to IQ/Max turrets on the Unigy trading platform. JP Reis consultants were engaged to support turret and circuit migrations in four stages.

The Project

Mid-sized projects like these are complex undertakings that require experience, attention to detail, strong governance and proactive communication. Financial institutions choose JP Reis again and again for our comprehensive approach. Our software-enabled telecom migration management service, TIMM™, was created based on our expertise.

Telecom Migration Detail

Our consultants had many technical responsibilities that increased as the project continued. They included:

  • The creation of 8-digit Unigy log-ins for new and existing users.
  • Management of the master user list including all changes to user data. This database would be used to create all the trading turret button layouts;
  • Turret button layout reviews on behalf of the bank and IPC;
  • All dial tone lines being migrated per stage – our lead consultant created project artifacts including:
    • All lines per migration – data sent to IPC;
    • Unshared lines that could be ported – data sent to Cisco;
    • Lines shared with the specific stage that would remain in the IPC Alliance platform.
  • Identification of all BCP locations per stage, including group and owner.

Project Communication

Our consultants also took on various project communication responsibilities;

  • Managed the migration schedule for T-1 circuits, individual DS0 ringdowns and turrets;
  • Provided regular updates to the bank, the IPC Project Manager;
  • Created a transition support email that was sent all users per migration;
  • Facilitated all meetings with trading group heads and ensured TCM provided turret layouts for review.

Project Conclusion

Our lead consultant also coordinated all training per stage and collaborated with the IPC CRM Team. Her diligence and precision inspired such confidence that our client asked her to check all IPC programming and data to confirm completeness and accuracy. Initiatives like the transition support emails and extra levels of checking led to a successful project delivery over the four completed stages with accurate profiles at go-live. Our client sent a testimonial to our governance lead singing the praises of our lead consultant.