Voice Data Retrievals for a Tier 1 Bank

New York Financial District

A global bank was asked to retrieve five years’ worth of call data for a group of 11 custodians based in Mexico City.

Voice and Data Retrieval

JP Reis, who had worked on similar projects for this bank in the past, was engaged to provide a team of consultants to perform recording and data retrievals. This experienced group was based in New York. We also provided a voice recording Program Manager in London to offer leadership, maintain adherence to quality assurance and security protocols and to perform exception reporting. An extra layer of governance was provided by a Principal Consultant who was familiar with the working practices of the client and the parameters of this specific project.

This was a labor-intensive program, delivered using proprietary recovery tools and following strict operational guidelines. Over 376,000 individual calls were successfully processed with the verified data precisely referenced and transferred to the client’s legal team in London. JP Reis was invited to perform further stagfes of this work and we were able to maintain a highly skilled and experienced team despite some changes of personnel along the way.

This kind of process where data is retrieved from legacy media using queries based on time and date stamps is becoming less frequent now. JP Reis has helped the world’s biggest banks to overcome these challenges while managing the transition to superior compliance systems and practices.