Trading Floor Completed for Eastern European Bank

trading floor eastern europe

JP Reis have helped to deliver the relocation, design, technology implementation and fit-out project for a trading floor in Eastern Europe. The project was delivered to an accelerated time schedule and still came in on budget.

Project Leadership and Governance

Our clients were relocating more than 450 traders across the city to an existing space at their headquarters. Considerable structural changes and infrastructure enhancements were required across two floors, and beneath the large skylight, as the space had not been designed as a trading environment. Having previously inspected the building, assisted with technology selection and prepared an interior design, the team was re-engaged to provide consultancy, leadership and governance for the implementation stage based on many years of international experience.

JP Reis consultants facilitated further decision making and brought rigor to the project management process. We evaluated new design proposals, highlighting structural and technology issues along with suggested changes where necessary. When the project timeline was shortened, we performed various risk assessments, helped design the new project plan and ensured that tasks on the critical path were prioritized effectively and performed to the required level of detail. This included technology inventory management, the software migration plan and the selection and ordering of IT equipment. For the technology and office fit-out workstreams, we made sure that long lead time items which presented little risk for design change were ordered early, this included major components of the power and cooling systems as well as IT infrastructure.


The compressed timeline was the biggest challenge. Technology issues included the requirement for multiple networks, the preference for large monitor counts on some desks, even in the back office, and the limited availability of some equipment. The data center migration that also took place was out of our team’s scope although we did offer some recommendations.

From a structural perspective, there were floor and ceiling levels to change. With a large glass ceiling and significant, seasonal temperature swings it was necessary to provide year-round ambient climate control. The repurposing of the space also demanded greatly augmented electrical power with uninterruptible power supplies for each user.

Key Features

Our client wanted the new trading floor to make a statement. The initial design was watered down due to time constraints so the client opted for a large animated, LED data screen to be introduced. This striking feature now inhabits two sides of the repurposed space and streams multiple video and data channels. Interlocking “bonded” trading desks were also selected to accommodate multiple display screens. The seamless joins allow a large screen array to protrude into the adjoining desk if required.
The design is contemporary and allows individuals and teams to work and collaborate effectively. Meeting rooms, breakout spaces and welfare facilities were also added. Desktop trading communications equipment didn’t need a complete refresh although a comprehensive roadmap of recommendations was made for future upgrades.

Project Conclusion

The project was completed to the satisfaction of all parties. Various steps were taken to keep the project on track and emphasis was placed on the functional areas and operational systems that would allow uninterrupted trading from Day 1. Our teams inspected structural and safety aspects to ensure international standards were met. The IT migration and trader relocation went smoothly with negligible disruption. Lower priority areas were finished to an exemplary standard within the project timeline.
This new service from JP Reis is available from any of our global offices for trading floors and dealing rooms of all sizes. Our industry-leading trading floor technology expertise combined with the architecture, design and fit-out ability is unmatched.