JP Reis on the Compliance Innovation Roadshow

JP Reis CEO, Greg Collins, will represent the company at a series of compliance innovation workshop events hosted by Verint.

JP Reis consultants have been involved in the design, implementation and maintenance of compliance solutions for well over a decade. For the last few years, we have also provided data recovery services, also referred to as eDiscovery, for some well-known global banking giants.

Greg Collins CEO of JP Reis


As regulations have become wider in scope, deeper in requirements, and more demanding in time-frame, Greg has remained a vocal advocate for integrated compliance systems. As an expert in trading communications technology and the compliance dimensions of different solutions, he sees voice data as a key component of modern trading floor surveillance that is yet to be effectively exploited.

The workshops aim to see companies “working together to provide an integrated and holistic environment that resolves the gaps in most other compliance solutions” an approach that Greg has supported for years. It promises to be an engaging program. We look forward to contributing and hope to see you there.

Disclaimer: JP Reis is sponsoring and participating in this exciting event program but remains fully independent and is not affiliated to any technology vendor.

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