Trading Floor Migration Using TIMM™

JP Reis has used the TIMM™ service to help a Tier 1 US bank complete the first five stages of a major trader voice migration. Just over 800 traders and support staff have now moved to IQ Max turrets on the IPC Unigy platform having previously used IQ/MX on Alliance. TIMM™ has now been used to migrate over 10,000 trading staff around the world and the service continues to improve in terms of the functionality offered and the processes that have been developed for different operational environments.

This migration program will see over 2,800 trading staff move to Unigy across locations from Buenos Aires, Argentina in the South, to Calgary, Canada in the North. Whereas the desktop equipment is being handled as a straight move to Touch Turrets or PBX phones, the project has required the consolidation of lines and button appearances. The completion timeline is set at an aggressive eight months and is being performed in a dynamic “Business as Usual” environment meaning no change freezes are in place. The project HQ is in New York. JP Reis has provided four consultants, three are working directly with the businesses and users while a fourth is providing expert central support for the TIMM Hub™ and toolset.

JP Reis used data drawn into the TIMM Hub™ to accelerate demand management to establish lines and buttons that were surplus to requirements. This data was presented in contextual heat-maps on the TIMM Viewer™ app to validate the retention and removal of selected lines. The app is presented on a Microsoft Surface tablet and was also used to edit button layouts for the new devices with business managers invited to drag, drop and deleted selected buttons. TIMM Translate™ has been used centrally to manage the precise migration of data between the Alliance and Unigy databases. A key benefit of the TIMM™ service is the chronological audit trail produced for all decisions and changes This has proved invaluable when trying to deliver such a challenging program in a live BAU situation.

This program will complete with the last few Latin American locations in May. JP Reis will continue to improve and strengthen our industry-leading technology migration service as we work towards the second 10,000 migrated users.


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