Kickstart 2021

The JP Reis team enjoyed a healthy January raising money for a range of regional charities, mostly in the US and UK. The biggest beneficiary was the company’s chosen charity, The Hambo Foundation, which helps people to live their best lives after suffering spinal injuries. They will receive a four figure donation. Other causes included cancer charities, hospices, mental health charities, schools and ALS.

This initiative started at the end of 2020 when we had some fun online calls in which people showed off the gifts the company had paid for and talked about the charities that they’d donated money to, once again subsidized by JP Reis. This was the brainchild of our CEO, Greg Collins who wanted to thank everyone for their strong contributions in a difficult year. Some of our staff are well-used to working remotely whereas some much prefer to be on and around the trading floors of global financial hubs. JP Reis have had regular online “happy hours” throughout the lockdowns to keep team members engaged and in touch with one another. Thankfully, everyone came through the year with a good level of resilience.

Greg decided we should kickstart 2021 by improving our mental and physical health during the gloomiest Northern Hemisphere month; and raise more money in the process. People challenged themselves in many different ways that fell roughly into categories of physical exertion, sustained self-discipline and self-improvement although some people did all three and weight-loss was a stated goal for some. 10,000 steps every day for a month was a popular choice, 5 miles is no mean feat when it’s freezing outside. There was intermittent fasting. Alcohol and carbs were banished. Some people made a point of just spending time outdoors and others started yoga and meditation. Here are some of the more colorful highlights:

  • 330 km (205 miles) run during the month;
  • A 5km (3-mile) run in a small residential garden as part of a longer 50-mile campaign;
  • Dead-lifting a total 10,000 lbs (4.5 metric tonnes) during the month – in the snow;
  • Two people lost a stone (6.4kg) or more;
  • 1,000+ press-ups in a month;
  • Hill walking 7 miles in sub-zero temperatures with a 35lb vest;
  • Cold water plunges with an air temperature of -10°C.

It’s been an impressive effort from everyone at a busy time of year, hopefully, it will set us up for the rest of 2021. Everyone who took part is determined to continue the good work. We hope your year got off to a healthy start too.