Record and store communications from multiple UC channels to achieve regulatory compliance.

Using Skype for Business on Office 365 for front office client contact places a trading entity into breach of MiFID II unless calls are being recorded. JP Reis help financial trading organizations to optimize their communications systems for performance, reliability, security and compliance. We have been at the vanguard of achieving regulatory compliance with Trader Voice since the early 2000s.

Skype for Business Compliance

The scope of regulations now encompasses much smaller companies. Despite rapid consolidation in the UC sector, most Financial Services firms have hybrid solutions with different vendors supplying different aspects. Some have integrated call logging and recording functionality although configurations, and capabilities for search and analysis vary. We will help you roll out a centralized solution that captures the metadata and searchable content without losing the benefits of your existing services. Most of our recent experience has been with Skype for Business and the wider Microsoft suite although our methodology would be applicable to other UC providers.

Record UC Channels for Compliance

We work on the following channels to ensure events are captured along with the contents of the communication i.e. what was said, between whom and when. Importantly, we can also do this for hosted services as well as enterprise. Capturing the data enables internal or external Compliance and Legal teams to perform audit work and trade reconstructions as required.

  • Voice
  • Instant Messaging
  • Video
  • Desktop Screen
  • Screen & Application Share
  • Whiteboard
  • Poll / Q&A
  • File Share
  • SMS

Teams Migration Strategy

Microsoft is aggressively pushing the migration from Skype for Business to its new collaboration and integration platform, Teams, a competitor to Slack that the Seattle company hopes will galvanize its Office 365 subscription service. With IM, VoIP, Video Conference, Push to Talk options, and a range of non-MS integrations there are clear compliance repercussions for regulated environments. This is a unique migration that will be challenging in the current regulatory environment for Capital Markets and due consideration should be given.

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