JP Reis History

JP Reis entered a progressive new phase in 2017 when Greg Collins assumed sole leadership of the company. The expertise that our clients trust is presented in a fresher, more holistic way. A greater emphasis is placed on innovation, design and collaboration in high-value consultancy and delivery services. There are also reinvigorated operational and helpdesk services to support the infrastructure of companies large and small. New locations are going live in Dublin and Sydney.

JP Reis was created in the mid-noughties by Greg Collins and Garry O’Sullivan: two respected figures in the converged communications arena who admired each other’s approaches to technology transformation, primarily in trading floor environments. Their integrity, leadership and dedication saw the company grow rapidly and JP Reis delivered a string of successful consultancy and technology change programs in over 70 countries.

Our time in business has witnessed the financial crash of 2008, it has seen regulations for fixed and mobile calls tighten into full trade reconstruction as record fines continue to be imposed. IP technology has finally replaced TDM on the trading floor and Unified Communications has become ubiquitous, as has the use of virtual machines and Cloud computing. Mobile devices have become larger and smarter, wi-fi is faster, the Internet of Things is taking off, everything has a GPS and every aspect of technology is exposed to increasingly challenging security threats.

The challenges that IT Directors face have evolved rapidly as technology becomes a core differentiator of the product and service offerings of most businesses. The difficulty is exacerbated by internal silos and the widening range of internal stakeholders who have input into technology decisions. We can help you overcome this.

JP Reis continues to provide a disciplined and insightful approach to strategy development, decision making and transformational program delivery. The challenges may change but the core competencies and governance still serve our clients well. We look forward to working with you to meet the next generation of IT challenges.