Location, Location, Location? Commercial Real Estate in 2015

Selecting real estate for financial services is all about location, location, location, isn’t it? Many firms are drawn towards established financial centers such as London or New York without considering other options. We compare recent reports on these two heavyweights, consider some key decision factors and propose that the right space could be as important […]

Teamwork: The Project Charter

Project Team Discussion in High Rise Building

I have a very simple philosophy on projects: There are good projects and bad projects. Everyone looks good on good projects and on bad projects everyone looks bad. Throughout my career I have encountered situations where something has gone wrong and people revert to the ‘but it wasn’t my fault’ response. Those of you who […]

On The Record – Mobile Voice Recording Update 2012

Business Woman Uses Mobile Phone

  This blog should be a retrospective. Sadly it’s not. The exemption on mobile voice recording in FSA regulation PS10/17 was lifted in November but the surrounding issues are not resolved. Some institutions have achieved compliance but that is not enough. We discussed this topic in May when Marc Henson explained that the key discovery […]

Due Diligence Failure: Business Disasters of the Third Kind

Stylish Office Hedge Fund Start Up

  Due diligence is a hot topic in hedge fund management. The process is becoming increasingly demanding and can last as long as six months. That’s a lot of valuable time to have invested in non-core activity if it comes to nothing. There is no requirement for the potential investor to inform the hedge fund manager […]