IT Networks

JP Reis can manage the full life-cycle of your network upgrade programs. Networking is a rapidly changing field; optic cabling, distributed applications and the trends towards colocation and Cloud computing have changed the landscape dramatically. Mobility has made wireless local area networks [WLAN] critical for most companies. As voice systems have migrated to converged IP technology, there has also been an explosion in Unified Communications [UC] applications that impose severe demands on infrastructure that was not designed to cater for them. Our services can be broken down into the following key activities:


Network Asset Audit: Apps and Devices

The core purpose of network infrastructure is to provide dependable connections between users and their applications. Our first step is to audit the assets on your network. This enables us to document your network topology and IP addressing system and build a detailed picture of physical assets on a site by site basis.

Capacity Audit

Our consultants audit LAN switch ports to see how many exist within the current topology and how many are being fully utilized. It is understandable for changes to go undocumented in the constant cycle of on-boarding and off-boarding. This audit allows for rationalization to take place and avoids unnecessary investment, especially when performed in preparation for a larger piece of work.

Technology and WLAN Audit

An evaluation of core network infrastructure and the array of services running at the application layer or above is analyzed in the context of your organization’s current and future use case and industry-specific best practice. This can be performed as a discrete piece of work or as a preparatory task leading up to a larger project. As UC increases WLAN bandwidth demands, the challenges become greater and the nature of some built environments only makes life harder. The WLAN evaluation explains any specific challenges present at your locations and details the bandwidth, access points and antennae you will need to achieve an effective, secure WLAN network. Information is presented in a clear floor plan with elevations and mounting requirements included.

Network Strategy Planning

We build on the audit process by understanding your business strategy and assessing the influence of competition and regulation. We also consider the technology landscape and how things are set to change. This not only encompasses your networks but also the applications and services you will need to run and the decisions you will face in terms of DC provision, remote working on wide area networks [WAN] and the expanding Cloud computing opportunity.

Vendor Selection and Implementation

JP Reis provide an accelerated stepwise decision-making process that is supported by the governance we apply to all projects. We will then design your solution, build it and test it thoroughly before proceeding to full deployment. You can find out more about our technology transformation process here.

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