Trading Floor and Office Space

JP Reis is dedicated to creating the most productive, fit for purpose office spaces and trading floors. Having a fit-out partner that prioritizes technology is more important than ever in the post-COVID era. Banks and other trading companies face the challenge of achieving secure, compliant trading without losing performance, even though many traders are working away from governed environments. Those who still attend trading floors and DR facilities need to comply with distancing regulations. Some banks are repurposing retail banking locations away from major trading centers.

The impact of COVID may see permanent changes in office usage and a paradigm shift in business continuity. In the context of trading this comes at a time when most banks were already strategizing about how to adopt soft voice solutions without sacrificing performance. JP Reis is uniquely placed to help meet these challenges with our unique, integrated service.

financial trader on phone with screens

Technology Transformation

Managing technology transformation is our core expertise and we also provide integrated design and implementation of the workspace and its technology infrastructure. We add the most value when we are able to analyse your usage profiles and assess your infrastructure holistically. When you are moving locations or refreshing your current space it is also essential to factor technology in early in the process. By doing these things we can help make significant savings while achieving a comfortable working environment with intelligent infrastructure that enables flexible modern working practices.

Contact us if your want to:

  • Refresh your current space
  • Upgrade your systems or infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot your current infrastructure
  • Relocate or consolidate
  • Repurpose an existing space

Building Information Modelling

We have consistently championed the concept of Smart Spaces whereby technology is integrated to facilitate flexible working practices. We are also represented by Greg Collins on the Building Information Modelling [BIM] Steering Committee.

BIM enables designers, owners and users to collaborate in the planning stages of a building project to optimise designs and test them virtually before they are built. It enables engineers, contractors and suppliers to integrate complex components, cutting out waste and reducing the risk of errors.

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