Excellent project management is not always enough.

Our consultancy never loses sight of corporate realities. Business metrics guide our analysis and implementation plans. We deliver projects that reduce costs, increase profitable revenue and mitigate operational risk. Our technical knowledge is unsurpassed and we are tenacious in respecting budgets, timelines and other customer requirements. Despite this, our experience in the field reveals that expert project management is not always enough.

Working Effectively After Technology Transformations

You need to operate effectively with your new technology. One of the biggest threats to successful transformation is the resistance arising from a failure to engage all stakeholders. This goes beyond the people who will manage supporting processes and maintain new hardware. It encompasses the users of the new technology, their managers, their customers and the people working in associated departments. In the flexible, devolved world of modern employment, it is vital to achieve and maintain a shared vision across all relevant parties.

We supply consultancy in change management which ensures the success of your investments. Structured support is delivered at key stages in your change program through workshops, coaching or one-to-one sessions. Areas of specialism include:

  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Articulating a compelling vision
  • Maintaining engagement and leading through change
  • Creating a high-performance environment
  • Feedback and strategic goal setting.

Contact us to discover how JP Reis can help you deliver successful business transformation.

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