Technology Marketing Strategy

Work alongside our consultants to establish a stronger market position. JP Reis have full market visibility and understand how different vendors fit into the industry landscape. We believe there is sufficient market capacity for many vendors to thrive provided they understand their own niches.

digital handshake technology marketing strategy

We often see firms trying to compete based on value propositions that either fail to engage potential clients or lead them to opt for a rival product. By working with you to assess your products, services and marketing, we are able to prepare positioning plans that allow you to come out on top.

Marketing Review

Our marketing reviews help you establish the current state of the market and the positioning of each relevant player. Part of this will involve internal interviews and could also involve sales presentation assessments. The review is then used to help model a positioning playbook which provides a set of coherent arguments with which to compete against your sector rivals. As well as helping to improve your commercial performance, we can also advise on how to focus or augment your product line. We may identify potential collaboration partners and make the introductions when necessary. JP Reis are also on hand to supply product management helping you to pitch the right products to take the right opportunities.


As well as writing positioning and sales playbooks, most clients ask us to prepare web copy. We have copy-writing specialists on hand to make sure your product and brand are consistently represented and that SEO guidelines are adhered to. Everything we produce is double checked in-house by technologists who understand your industry so you can rely on the results and focus on running your business.

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