Technology Migration

Technology change is inevitable but JP Reis help you reduce the risk. Our consultants help you to define strategy, make the best decisions and implement your plans. Each year, we lead projects that migrate thousands of people between locations, systems and applications. We also help IT departments to move between computing facilities and networks. We can even help with your simple IMAC work.

Technology Transformation

Technology transformation is the core competency of JP Reis. We can add value by reducing risk at every stage of the project lifecycle. Our methodology has been refined over many years to tackle the physical, virtual and emotional challenges of change and we have developed specialist tools and applications to help you move people between systems and locations (read about TIMM™). Our consultants and technicians are here to help no matter what the nature of your move, upgrade, change or addition may be.

JP Reis Technology Transformation Process


We also provide an operational service for more straightforward moves.

Installation New devices are assessed for functional fitness and operational security before going live on the main system. As with all JP Reis processes, accurate tagging is performed to keep a tight control on inventory.

Moves between locations are fraught with potential pitfalls unless tested procedures are used. Our process ensures connections are severed carefully, with all devices and systems correctly disconnected and uninstalled. Hardware is securely and accurately transferred to its individual user’s new location. Devices are reactivated. Systems are installed and tested ensuring a seamless transition to business as usual the next working day.

Additions from an entire software system down to the implementation of an extra user licence, and upgrades to hardware of all kinds. JP Reis ensure that all additions are performed to cause minimum disruption. Training is performed if necessary and we always test updates to establish genuine performance enhancements.

Changes are made in response to compromised performance of hardware. Our consultants stabilize any affected environment and protect or recover data. If suitable performance cannot be made without changes the business case is made for new equipment which is then installed with minimum disruption.


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