Financial Trading

Our company established its reputation working in mission critical trading floor environments. Investment banking remains our core sector. We have worked successfully with the world’s largest banks in more than 70 countries. Some years have seen us migrate over 10,000 trading professionals to new systems and locations. Our consultants are familiar with the specific requirements of the industry and we have widened our base to cover more disciplines as new working practices, technologies and regulations affect the sector.

The most powerful banks trust us to provide insightful and innovative consultancy along with a disciplined governance model that allows defensible strategic decisions to be made. We are respected for our leadership of technology transformation and program management. Our experience has empowered us to draw on different project management philosophies to create an approach that is detailed, disciplined, agile and flexible. This means we achieve optimum performance at all stages of the project lifecycle even when the unexpected happens, which it generally does.

JP Reis are experts in financial trading communications technology
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