Business Continuity

Business continuity management (BCM) is a key element of good corporate governance and is central to JP Reis’s technology transformation methodology. We also offer BCM as a stand-alone service on a consultancy or operational basis. Our operational service covers all aspects of disaster recovery including regular drills and stress tests to ensure your business is resilient and compliant. We move your organization smoothly through the business continuity lifecycle by factoring in human issues, geography, transport, power, cost, communication, continuity and recovery in the face of all risks.

Hurricane Sandy Closes Wall Street
Hurricane Sandy Closes NYSE in 2012

Disaster Recovery

A disaster scenario could leave you with servers, computers and mobile devices which cannot be used or, worse still, are lost with the data they contained. For an information-based firm, the loss of data means serious disruption or even business failure. A successful disaster recovery plan requires robust equipment and processes supported by comprehensive documentation. Strategic use of The Cloud means the backup plan does not require excessive surplus hardware. SIP trunking solutions permit swift relocations without significant impact to communications systems and mobile working practices can minimize the impact of location specific events. Typically the cost of DR provisions would account for 2-4% of the IT and Telecom budget, preparing your business could actually lead to an overall cost reduction.

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