Compliance Automation

How can you know for certain that your voice recording system works properly, all the time?

Traditional voice recording systems [VR] and even the best plug and play surveillance systems only go part of the way. The accepted systems and processes used to audit them are also problematic.

JP Reis have the expertise to audit and fine-tune your VR environment to ensure all required calls are captured and stored for the required period.

JP Reis work directly on the VR to evaluate, rationalize and prioritize all recording channels and associated alarm mechanisms and to visually present the whole environment on a single application console that is monitored by Control Center staff. This proactive approach optimizes the VR system making it efficient, effective and very resistant to failure, thus reducing the need for unforeseen interventions. Our methodology is effective when performed on existing VR infrastructure. Using our proprietary Unified Compliance VR solution reduces complexity in delivery further and increases the overall resilience and dependability.

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