Interfaces, Applications and System Integration

Bring data to life, facilitate insightful decision making and give all users an enjoyable, intuitive experience.

JP Reis software engineers have enhanced our technology change services by creating intuitive, visual dashboards that draw data from one or more sources. The value of this peripheral offering was identified by our clients and we have since been involved in the development of empowering systems for various tier 1 businesses. Both images shown here are from solutions created by us. The second is from our TIMM Map™ interface, that helps our clients to analyze and manipulate and translate data from multiple streams related to trading communications to help manage migrations, updates, provisioning and compliance.

timm map flow

User Interface Design

Scientific analysis gives us an understanding of the user’s interaction with an application. We take this and create intuitive interfaces that accentuate the visual while maintaining functionality to make it as simple as possible for users to achieve their required outcomes and those of the organization. Our interfaces are created to facilitate productive interaction and to be adaptable to changing user needs.

User Experience Design

Forward thinking companies are adopting commercial concepts for ‘internal customers’ by giving them control over selected aspects of their customer experience, a holistic evolution of the ‘customer journey’. We empower the user, internal or external, to customize their experience by embedding optionality in the interaction pathways thus allowing them to feel like part of the process through a two-way relationship.

Cross Platform Design

Our clients achieve greater reach by delivering applications through multiple platforms, not to mention the cost reductions achieved through the utilization of a single code base. A further benefit of this approach is the mitigation of risk when it comes to future developments.

System Integration

Enabling systems to interact and understand each other reveals new business insights. By manipulating data from multiple systems and sources, an actionable global view can be achieved that drives efficiency and productivity. With extensive data still separated by silos, businesses have an opportunity to create competitive advantage by unlocking hidden value with this manageable, big data approach. Presenting the new data insight using a contemporary interface design multiplies the advantage.


Web APIs allow for a single data source to be accessed by multiple user classes while holding the majority of the application logic in the background. Sharing data between departments and externally in the public arena helps to drive greater value than keeping it hidden. This approach means less logic is needed to program on the client side thus driving scale against the API and enabling cross-platform development. The ability of Web APIs to decouple client systems while remaining secure makes their data more accessible, enabling them to be more efficient, effective and flexible in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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