Telecom Migration Manager:

Installing the TIMM™ platform is your first step towards a successful migration between any telephony systems. Our unique solution helps to deliver success in three ways: First, reduce the number of lines by up to 30% with a catalysed rationalisation process. Second, achieve rapid user acceptance for button layouts and validate data with an interactive tablet application. Third, quickly identify, locate and resolve database transfer issues.


Data from the legacy system is downloaded into the TIMM Hub™ so it can be worked on without disruption. The system analyzes trader IDs, lines and buttons against defined usage thresholds to see where savings could be made e.g. underused circuits could be removed and some users could work with less expensive desktop hardware. On average, the results highlight 30% in potential savings which are presented in a written report. TIMM™ catalyzes the process to reach this point quickly.

TIMM Viewer™ App

The TIMM Viewer™ shows the current turret display on a Microsoft Surface alongside the forthcoming replacement. Working with the trader, the consultant can use the touchscreen to prepare the new layout – in reality, the trader will normally grab the Surface and do it for himself. The first step is to go through underused connections identified in the data analysis validating their retention or agreeing their removal. They show up red on the screen and can be removed with a simple drag and drop.

Changes immediately update the data in the TIMM Hub™. Based on the validated data, the choice of new device can be made. The trader is able to drag buttons into place to achieve the optimum user experience on their new turret from Day 1. Once again the data is updated in real-time and translated for presentation to the new system.

TIMM Viewer™ takes the emotion out of migrations. It allows traders to take ownership of their new layouts and provides an extra level of data validation. TIMM Viewer™ can also be hosted on the client’s network along with a step by step user guide. This is the ideal option when trading rooms are globally distributed because transport and accommodation costs are kept to a minimum.

Streamlined Migration

Trader voice migration involves the transfer of information between databases and TIMM™ prepares and translates the data with precision. Telephony migrations can suffer infuriating uploads, even when moving to a platform from the same manufacturer with 99% accurate data. The TIMM Hub™ contains an automated rules engine which identifies small data issues. Instead of knowing there is a fault somewhere in an entire database, your project manager is vectored right in to a specific issue which can generally be easily rectified, sometimes automatically.

Three Ways TIMM™ Can Save You Money

Diagram explaining many benefits of TIMM™