TIMM™: The Complete Migration Solution

TIMM™ simplifies migrations between telephony systems. Our software-supported service also helps senior managers to make defensible technology decisions. Evidence-based product selection aims to equip each user with the correct device or soft client. In each migration we expect to:

  • Reduce the number of lines based on usage analysis
  • Achieve validation and rapid user acceptance for equipment selections and button layouts with an intuitive tablet app
  • Automatically identify, locate and resolve database transfer issues
  • Experience smooth Go-Live days.


Data from the legacy system, call logger and HR databases is ingested into the TIMM Hub™ so it can be worked on without disruption. The system analyzes user and system data against usage thresholds to identify savings opportunities through the removal of underused lines and the selection of less expensive turrets, phones and soft clients. TIMM™ catalyzes the process to reach this point quickly.

Decision Making Support: TIMM Map™

This application was introduced due to the increased complexity of decision making that banks are facing as soft voice-clients become more relevant to the trading floor, and especially to the support functions that surround it. TIMM Map™ is a hypothesis engine. It allows an analyst to input various parameters and then perform live “What-If?” analyses using a decision tree interface. A report is produced, quantifying the impact of different scenarios based on available data.

TIMM Viewer™ App

TIMM Viewer™ shows the current turret display on a Microsoft Surface alongside the forthcoming replacement. Working with the trader, the consultant uses the touchscreen to prepare the new layout – in reality, the trader normally grabs the Surface and does it for them self. The first step is to go through underused connections either validating their retention or agreeing on their removal. They show up red on the screen and can be removed with a simple drag and drop.

Changes are made in real time in the TIMM Hub™. The trader is able to drag buttons into place to achieve the optimum user experience on their new turret from Day 1. Once again the data is updated in real-time and translated for presentation to the new system.

TIMM Viewer™ takes the emotion out of line removals and device selection. It allows traders to take ownership of their new layouts and provides an extra level of data validation. TIMM Viewer™ can also be hosted on your network along with a step by step user guide. This is the ideal option when trading rooms are globally distributed because transport and accommodation costs are kept to a minimum. In 2020 it proved valuable during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Go-Lives are also enhanced using TIMM Viewer™. There has to be a cut-off date during the migration project where no further changes can be made. In Day 1 situations, the app can be used again to make simple, live changes at the dealer’s desk which improves on traditional paper-based ticketing processes.

TIMM Translate™

Trader voice migration involves the integration of data before transferring between databases. TIMM Translate™ prepares and translates the data with precision. Telephony migrations can suffer infuriating uploads, even when moving to a platform from the same manufacturer with 99% accurate data. The process to this point generates clean data at the user level. TIMM Translate™ uses an automated rules engine to perform over 150 translation processes. If any small system to system are present following the translation, the project manager is vectored straight into them for quick resolution without having to trawl through the whole data set.

Three Ways TIMM™ Can Save You Money

TIMM™ targets three aspects of migration to deliver efficiency, precision and savings. You can perform the analysis and decision making process as a discrete project before committing to the full migration. The scale and complexity of the migration will dictate your required level of project management support.

Build the business case by rationalizing circuits, buttons and channels. Use TIMM Map™ to facilitate turret and soft client allocation. Achieve evidence-based savings against defined usage thresholds. This phase can be performed without business input.

Interacting with the business using TIMM Viewer™ achieves buy-in and validates line and channel data. Important but rarely used lines can be identified. Users take ownership of their new endpoint configurations enabling them to work effectively on Day 1.

Industry leading JP Reis project management is available throughout the process for a higher level of governance and precision. TIMM Translate™ is used to cleanse and configure data for the new system and to troubleshoot small issues that would otherwise cause delays.