Technology Strategy

We help our clients to make well-informed technology decisions. JP Reis is independent of any equipment manufacturer, hosted computing or SaaS provider and we have never resold a solution. When planning for a major technology transformation, we can help you by appraising your current situation and working with you to fine-tune your objectives. Our consultants combine strategic thinking, full market visibility and real-world practicality:

  • Plan for a technology environment that drives productivity in a cost effective, resilient and compliant way
  • Seek opportunities to reduce capacity, hardware and complexity before any transformation
  • Keep control of implementation and migration costs
  • Optimize user experience and scalability.
JP Reis Technology Transformation Process

Capacity Analysis

Building on decades of experience, we have created a suite of software to support our well-refined processes. TIMM Map™ is a decision-making tool that allows IT Managers to rationalize costs before migrating to a new solution by analyzing capacity and usage data of telecom circuits and hardware. It also features a decision tree interface that helps configure a technology solution made up of trading-turrets (aka dealer-boards), PBX phones, soft clients and Voice as a Service solutions.

Vendor Selection

JP Reis has long experience of managing technology vendor selection processes. Our refined stepwise approach draws on full market visibility to quickly reach a position where the most relevant vendors can be investigated in detail. We help our clients define the process so that incumbent suppliers don’t have an unfair advantage and the special features of competitors aren’t overlooked. The process produces a report that shows how each solution type and vendor came to be rejected or recommended based on defensible decision making to satisfy due diligence.

JP Reis Vendor Selection Diagram
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