Media Retrieval and Trade Reconstruction

JP Reis provide expertise on all aspects of voice recording and surveillance. This page explains how we help banks to meet the challenge of accessing data from legacy systems.

Financial regulators and litigators demand voice call records for the purposes of trade reconstruction. It can be painstaking to identify the relevant tapes. Once located, companies struggle to play them back as the equipment is often obsolete and the process is laborious. Failure to produce the records is not an option so what can firms do? JP Reis can extract metadata and audio from all tape and recording formats from any manufacturer.

JP Reis Retrieval Manager

The JP Reis Media Retrieval Manager is an integrated solution capable of extracting voice call data from any manufacturer’s tapes or media – it can even cope with damaged tape. Information is stored in an easily searchable, hosted system which gives your Compliance, Legal and IT departments time to respond to the regulators’ requests. Key features include:

  • Ability to run large numbers of tapes in parallel
  • Full analysis of tape content without using original systems
  • No requirement to use any of the original loggers or other hardware to access recordings
  • No knowledge of the content or history of the tapes is required
  • The ability to work with damaged and corrupt tapes
  • Converts any manufacturer’s voice or data recording tapes
  • A single repository and search system regardless of manufacturer
  • Multiple users can play back recordings.


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