Facilitating Change

JP Reis consultants help to manage the organizational transformation process. Our main focus area is technology infrastructure but much of what we do is transferable to other situations provided the key expertise is on hand.

Successful change requires informed leadership. That means that internal data, competitor insight and the intelligence about the wider operating environment needs to be gathered, analyzed, combined and presented in a simplified format that facilitates decision making. Every industry has its own peculiarities and conventions so our consultants work alongside subject matter experts who help us to vector in on the core metrics required.

The discovery phase is performed using a raft of primary and secondary data collection techniques. We think it is important to talk to plenty of internal stakeholders to obtain opinions, insight and contextual background. It is also vital to drill into the numbers to identify areas of concern and of potential strength when compared to the competition. 

Preparation and Training Delivery

Depending on the circumstances people can be prepared for change by engaging in exercises that help a group achieve consensus in realizing that transformation is required. In this way, change can be driven internally by engaged managers while our consultants act as facilitators.

With the internal champions prepared, a phased implementation then takes place during which new approaches, systems and processes are explained and knowledge is reinforced and tested. Our ability to manage these generic stages allows us to take on a diverse range of projects in different sectors, both private and public.

Structured Support

Structured support can be delivered at key stages in your change program through group workshops, coaching or one-to-one sessions. In some cases these represent the core subject matter, in others they support specialist learning materials and in some cases they simply inform the people who deliver the course material: 

  • Leading With an Engaging Vision
  • Maintaining engagement and leading through change
  • Creating and maintaining high-performance environments
  • Setting strategic goals that achieve results.

Our work in these areas can be some of the most varied and rewarding that JP Reis perform. We only work on projects that fit with our corporate ethical guidelines.

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