Trader Voice Post-COVID

Trader Voice is a key technology. The bulk of trades are made electronically now but people still need to talk. Internal discussions and conversations between counterparties are as important as ever and communications leading up to a trade are regulated. The pandemic brought a new dimension of complexity when traders were working remotely, away from governed environments. Your trading communications infrastructure may include turrets (dealerboards), soft-clients, UC systems, telephones and will feature one or more compliance and surveillance system. It’s important to get it right.

financial trader looks at screens

Leading Trader Voice Expertise

JP Reis was founded to deliver international trading infrastructure transformations. We maintain our leadership status in this vertical based on research-driven expertise in voice services, and our track record of successful project delivery. We are engaged in development and integration programs that will change the face of Trader Voice as the sector continues to evolve and traditional devices slowly give way to MS Teams and soft-client solutions. The trading turret may be nearing the end of its product lifecycle but it’s still a big enough market to attract new entrants and we understand them all.

Regulatory Compliance

The ability to reconstruct multi-channel communications leading up to a trade has become important for regulatory compliance and litigation defense. The best way to achieve this is with integrated infrastructure that allows compliance recording across voice, IM, SMS, email, social media and video with reconstruction becoming part of business as usual. The industry is starting to catch up with the idea of normalizing data within a single repository that can be easily searched. Banks are decoupling capture from archiving, analysis and surveillance. We can help plan your strategy to achieve a best practice solution.

As trading floor and wider enterprise communication technology experts we can upgrade your current infrastructure and migrate services and apps to hosted Cloud environments. Contact JP Reis if you need to:

  • optimize your trading communications and compliance infrastructure;
  • improve performance through system integration and workflow design;
  • upgrade systems or relocate your operation;
  • mitigate immediate risks;
  • extend the life of legacy solutions.